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Journey with me through adrenaline-charged turns and blazing straights.

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About me
Ishay Berger

Hello! I’m Ishay. 
Born amidst the historic charm of the UK but now basking in the sun-kissed landscapes of Cyprus. 

From the first time I heard the roar of an engine, I knew I was destined to be part of the racing world. 

The thrill of speed courses through my veins, and I’ve committed my a large portion of my life to pursuing my passion for racing.

About me
What I Love

Outside of the racetrack, my world revolves around my family and friends – they’re my anchor. 

When I’m not behind the wheel, you’d probably find me immersed in a video game, off-roading on dirtbikes or buggies, spending time with loved ones or studying, challenging myself to new levels. 

Regardless of the activity, I’m always pushing my boundaries, forever fueled by an innate desire to be the absolute best.

Gaming Enthusiast
Off-road Adventures
Constant Learning

About me
Future Aspirations

My eyes are set on racing’s zenith, mingling with legends and like-minded enthusiasts.

Each lap propels me closer to my dreams.

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Be My Co-Driver

Ready to join me on the racetrack of dreams? Reach out! And if I’m momentarily unreachable, imagine me racing under Italy’s Tuscan sun. I’ll be back in a flash!


Every track day for me is a new chapter, a fresh story. 

My latest venture on the track was an exhilarating experience located in Franciacorta, challenging my limits in a new category (OK Senior) and testing my skills. 

The roar of the engines, the team’s support and feedback, and that adrenaline rush – it’s an experience I wish to relive every day. 

Stay tuned for a more detailed insight into this captivating journey with plenty of racing to come.

Stepping Up with Ricky Flynn Motorsport

Training Insights

To be at the top of my game, consistent training is key. 

Currently, I’m working on refining my techniques, enhancing my reaction times, and building endurance to withstand those lengthy sessions and races. 
My regimen is a mix of physical workouts, mental conditioning, and countless hours behind the wheel, ensuring that I’m ever-ready for the next big race.

Get in Touch

Whether you’re a fan, friend, or future sponsor, I’d love to hear from you. Dive in, and let’s converse at lightning speed!